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Designer Profile: Ramzi Musa

We met Ramzi Musa for our Designer Profile and talk prints, H&M and learnt how a fine-art student’s deliberately unflattering facebook portraits led to a beautiful S/S11 collaboration with Browns Focus
Check out the full interview at: Ramzi-Musa

Get Bol$hie!

Hers may already be a familiar face to you. The beheaded Barbie wearing 18 year old fashion designer Rhiannon Jones is a tough one to miss, known as much for her own outlandish personal style as she is for her fashion label Bol$hie. Already a London Fashion Week show with Vauxhall Fashion scout tucked neatly under her studded bumbag and her one-off pieces being snapped up by Gaga, Alexandra Burke and Jessie J to name a few, you’re sure to see a lot more of her top knot, ripped tights and crazy designs in the future.

The watch covered S/S11 piece seen on Jessie J in her video for ‘Nobody’s perfect’

The Bol$hie S/S11 collection features giant clocks, a studded Mickey Mouse policeman’s helmet, monochrome prints, a plethora of short shorts, loud colours, PVC, chunky gold chains and madonna-esque conical breasted leotards. With stand-out peices like the nude spiked-shoulder body complete with plastic chickens, Bol$hie’s designs are exactly what they say they’ll be.

It’s definitely not for the fashionably faint-hearted….. are you chicken?

Vice Style - Why Fashion Sandals are Stupid

Looks We Love: Andy T’s floaty florals

Looks We Love: Vini Uehara


Crazy Fashion Trends: Animegaos

Check out Vice Style’s article "Girls who are boys who like boys dressed as girls" about the surging trend in Japan for Animegaos; people who dress as 3-dimensional versions of their favourite female anime characters.

(Photo from Vice Style)

Ok, so it’s mostly young guys who do the dressing up, costumes cost thousands and there are strict rules that each Animegaos must adhere to, but ultimately seeing two-dimensional characters like Sailor Moon and Princess Peach come to life through these specially crafted costumes is fascinating, and something that could definitely be applied to fashion.

And hey, with all the girly-shaped latex dresses and fantasy feeling in his current collection I’m definitely seeing a future campaign for designer William Wilde

Looks We Love: Lua P’s Tail

Editorials We Love: Claire Bingham & Jon Shard

We’re loving this shoot styled by Claire Bingham and shot by Jon Shard featuring pieces from BLOW’s fabulous designers and modeled beautifully by Ali from Select.



The Sweetest of Treats

The delicious cakelets made by Lola’s Cupcakes especially for BLOW were simply divine. We totally understand the celebrity following this gorgeous bakery enjoys, and with locations in Selfridges, Harrods, Topshop and Mayfair we’ll definitely be dropping in for an oreo flavour cupcake treat for an energy boost mid-shop. Check out their range of flavours and treat yourself. Mmmmmmmmm….

Love this image From the Paris Vogue photo magazine

Designer Spot: Five Things Every Designer Should Know


Having worked for the UK Fashion & Textiles Association advising British fashion companies on strategies to expand business for the past 10 years, Maria Alvarez, Executive Director and founding member of Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) has been helping young people bridge the gap between education and industry. 

We sat down to pick her brain about business, Markus Lupfer and good old-fashioned self promotion.

Check it out HERE

Platform Princess at BLOW PR

We love Platform Princess’ Blog Post about her experience at the BLOW PR press day.

With her usual wit and humour the fashion princess explores the more avant garde side of BLOW PR’s designers’ collections and includes some wonderful photos…

Visit Here:

Katie Rose visits BLOW PR’s Press Day

The Blow PR Press days are finishing today, but already fabulous people are sharing great stuff online about what a wonderful time they had.

Check out Katie Rose’s blog post from her blog about her new favourite BLOW designer Ekaterina Kukhareva.

BLOW PR Press Day by SchoolBoyCouture

Check out SchoolBoyCouture’s blog post about his visit to the BLOW PR press day including some fantastic photos of the decked-out showroom and its fabulous pieces.

Love it!

New Shop Alert!

Young and talented designer Flik Hall has just launched her Online Shop. 

Baby Limb Skirt

Ivory Angle Limb Dress

Peach Pendulum Balloon Dress

To see more of this talented designer’s beautiful work and to get your hands on these fantastic pieces head on over to